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Tools & Accessories

  • $13.50

    Olfa® - No.11 Snap Off Art Blades

     Details:  Acute 30-degree angle  7 cutting edges per blade  Fits OLFA® SAC-1 Sold As: 10 pack

  • $13.95

    Olfa® - Stainless Steel Snap-off Art Knife

    Acute 30-degree blade angle; Slide-lock mechanism; Stainless steel blade channel firmly secures blade; Includes and fits the OLFA® A1160B blade.

  • $11.70

    Avery Breakaway Knife

    Avery Dennison plastic application knife with a 30° angled blade for accurate cutting.  Fits the OLFA® A1160B blade for refills.

  • $3.60

    Excel - No. 11 Double Honed Blade

    The No. 11 is a versatile replacement blade that fit all standard light to medium duty craft knives including Xacto Knife. This blade is meant to f...

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  • $4.20

    Excel - No.1 Light Duty Knife

    The K1 is a lightweight aluminum body knife crafted for easy maneuverability. This knife includes a 4 jaw aluminum chuck with front blade release f...

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  • $2.00

    Lil' Chizler

    The Lil' Chizler safely lifts, scrapes, chisels and removes vinyl graphics without scratching!   

  • $1.50

    Squeegee - Plastic

    4" Economy Squeegee

  • $2.00

    Squeegee - Rubber

    4" Medium Hardness, Rubber Squeegee

  • $3.20

    Squeegee - Teflon

    4" White Teflon

  • $4.95

    Squeegee - Felt Wrapped Edge

    4" One edge wrapped with Felt

  • $4.90

    Squeegee - Silver Nylon

    4" Heavy Duty Nylon

  • $5.95

    Squeegee - Felt

    3.5" All Felt

  • $24.95

    Micro-Squeegee - Set of 3

    These unique squeegees help you in specific vinyl applications with very small surface areas or decals where a regular squeegee is difficult to use...

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  • $9.95

    Excel - Curved Point Tweezers

    Excel's Curved Point Tweezers are made for precision use. The ribbed body holding area are to ensure a comfortable and steady grip. These slant poi...

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  • $10.80

    Roland - Needle Point Tweezers

    Roland's Needle Point Tweezers are perfect for precision use.  The needle point tweezers are ideal for weeding away excess vinyl, even the tiny ha...

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  • $18.90

    Excel - Retractable Weeding Tool

    One of Excel Blades most unique and sought after products!  The retractable awl is a stylish and light weight tool built with an aluminum body and ...

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  • $17.80

    Excel - Grip On Hook Weeder

    The Excel Grip On Hook Weeder was crafted specifically to fit in your pocket and small spaces. You can easily weed undesired pieces from your vinyl...

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  • $21.75

    Siser Weeder

    This durable stainless steel tool will not bend or break when weeding designs and can be sharpened if necessary.  The Siser Weeder features a comfo...

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