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Cap & Pocket Press


The Cap and Pocket heat press is versatile. The interchangeable plate and cap platens are simple to fit and will give you the opportunity to decorate a cap and a t-shit in no time. It is great for pocket logos! Just like the larger auto release clam presses there is no need to wait by the press while the transfer is pressed. Simply close the press and it will auto open when the time reaches 0.

The cap and pocket press requires minimal operating space. They are ideal for environments with limited working space. 


  • Fully Digital Temperature and Time Controls
  • Magnetic Auto Open Feature
  • Space Saving Clam Shell Design
  • Adjustable Manual Pressure
  • Interchangeable Platen and Base Plates
  • Includes Flat Base and a Cap Base
  • Also Includes Flat Heat Platen and Curved Cap Platen
  • Able to do both caps and small flat items
  • Max Temperature of 437°F (225°C)
  • Temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Printable Size: 3.15" x 5.12"
  • One year warranty on press
  • Five year warranty on heating element


PLEASE NOTE: All equipment sales can not be flat rate shipped via Canada Post. Please use the contact us form to place your order as equipment must move via a freight company.