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Siser Sublimation Markers


Sublimation has taken over the crafting world! If you’ve been nervous to try it then we have an awesome way for you to do so without jumping into buying a whole printer set up.

Siser has introduced Sublimation Markers! Simply draw on regular copy paper (Sublimation paper will damage the marker nibs) and apply heat to transfer your drawing onto the product of your choice!

 The markers contain true sublimation ink that works on all sublimation blanks such as mugs, keychains, coasters, tumblers and more!

Currently there are 3 packs of Siser Sublimation Makers – each with 6 markers!

Primary: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

Pastel: Peach, Light Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Seafoam, Light Green

Black: 2 Chisel Tip, 2 Fine Tip, 2 Round Tip


Sold As: Individual Packs